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palamidio martial arts

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At first it was just a thought, perhaps encouragement from some people who saw that missing a martial arts tournament of the province. A meeting for all athletes of the combat sports meet the terms and conditions of European championships.   It started in 2007 on 17 and 18 November at the indoor stadium of Nafplio with 280 athletes participating covering most categories. "The beginning is half the battle." The comments were encouraging and gave us strength to continue and the next year, bringing the championship in indoor arena of N. Cius, on 17 and 18 October 2008. A date that could be characterized and most appropriate because in most schools start trainings in September and so was very little time to prepare. Even though these 300 athletes filled the N stage. Kiou and two days.   2009 on 21 and 22 November, at the stage of Nafplio be successfully held the 3rd Palamideio, with 345 athletes, with inclusion of new classes with computers in each mat to cover the marks and medical coverage from the Samaritans part of the Red Cross.   23 and 24 October 2010. The elections put their hand again since we had to transfer the championship from the original date was the 7th of November. The 4th Palamideio held and fight with great success with 410 entries and new clubs to take part.   12 & November 13, 2011, outstanding success. 180 athletes in the categories of TAOLU, 58 athletes in the categories of QINDA, 360 athletes in the categories of SEMI CONATCT, and 45 athletes in the categories of self-defense, offered rich spectacle and excitement in 1000 some viewers found in the stands and two days. Unions from Arta, Greece, Kea, Patras, Kranidi, Argos, Athens, Piraeus, and the region of Attica.   17/18 November 2012. 590 athletes participated in the categories of TAOL, the Qin, the TECHNICAL AFTOAMYNAS and Semyon KONTAKT. Unions from Cyprus, Crete Thessaloniki, Argos, Patras, Kranidi and natural from the region of Attica participated in the championship. The standard high as in previous.   16/17 November 2013: 1300 entries with participation from two European schools. One of Krakow in Poland and one of our own Cyprus. The 7th Palamideio greatly enhanced with significant innovations. Like, Marshal room with audio and video in real-time displays at all tatami, original handmade cups and prizes. Facilities for athletes like juice discount coupons in city shops, special access card to the gym coaches. The 7th Palamideio honored by his presence and the Deputy Minister of Sport John Andrianos, Mayor Nafplion Dimitris Kostouros, the president of the Panhellenic Federation KickBoxing, Michael Triantafyllou and President of Greek Federation of Wushu, Stamoulis Lambros.   8th Palamideio. 1 & 2 November 1430 entries. New events, such as the Light Contact, Kick Light and forms of Karate. New clubs from Halkida, Kythera, Crete, Patras, Markopoulos, Petersburg, Palini. Benefits to athletes and coaches from the city shops, involvement of Greek Rescue Team, Lion Dance is a few of the upgrades Palamideiou.   The Palamideio league was established as one of the best leagues in Greece. Purpose ours, to maintain the high standards of Palamideiou.   Continue ..................


希 腊 蔡 李 佛 术 功 Hellas Choy Lee Fut Kung-fu sifu Lampadas Theodoros Nafplio Ag. Kiriaki 21100 HELLAS (GREECE) e-mail: info@choyleefut.gr Tel.+30 6945399968